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Welcome to the website of the U.S. affiliate of the Pan-African Christian AIDS Network. PACANet—USA, formally established in 2009, is dedicated to supporting the greater PACANet mission of "link[ing] churches, Christian organizations and networks to enhance their responses to HIV and AIDS by sharing resources, ideas, skills and experiences; and by stimulating strategic partnerships."
PACANet is an African umbrella organization embedded in the community at the grassroots; PACANet does not go to the people, PACANet is from the people. Headquartered in Kampala, Uganda, PACANet also has offices in Botswana, Liberia and the United States.

PACANet--USA supports the mission of PACANet by assisting with resource mobilization and by providing technical assistance, as requested, to PACANet member organizations. (Note: donations made to PACANet--USA are almost exclusively employed to directly support the activities of PACANet based in Kampala, Uganda.) Our board members bring a wealth of experience, having worked with a number of Christian and/or health organizations throughout Africa and the United States.

To learn more about the activities of PACANet (Uganda) click here or, alternatively, you can view a video about PACANet's response to AIDS in Africa by clicking here.

We have not quite finished setting up our website yet, but please add us to your bookmarks and come back soon.