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Upcoming Events

Below are events we are planning for 2015.  We welcome your input and participation in planning and production of these events.

A Taste of Africa: will feature dishes from many countries in Africa. Come out to excite your palate and judge which dish you like best. A prize will be given to dish receiving the most votes.

African Dance from Kenya:Anna Mwalagho is more than a triple-threat performer. She is a true remarkable renaissance woman, an internationally recognized actress, comedian, poet/spoken word artist, African dancer, singer/songwriter and storyteller. She has won numerous national awards in her native country Kenya, and here in the U.S.A, where she is recognized as the Queen of spoken Afro beat and also "Mama Africa". She has captivated many with her blend of spoken word, African dance, music, comedy, acting, and storytelling into an electrifying one woman show. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS: STAY TUNE FOR PLACE, DATE & TIME.

African Gospel Music from Cameroon: an evening of Gospel music by Rev. John Sama Ngupkam, Pastor of Glorious Time Ministries in Germantown, Maryland.

African Fashion Show from Liberia: Rebecca Falika has something for everyone, for children, for adults, for evening wear, for going to church, and for the clergy. You must see and then buy.

Partnering with African Embassies for Special Events and Galas: Individuals of the African Diaspora will get to meet and greet their Ambassadors and Diplomats to better understand what is happening in their home countries where PACANet has Country Christian AIDS Networks (CCANet).

African Diaspora Clergy Training: PACANet-USA continues to provide health education prevention to clergy of the African Diaspora. It is the hope that all clergy will come to know all the information regarding the causes of HIV, the care for individuals, become a referral source for their congregation, and work to eliminate stigma by communicating positive and loving statements from the pulpit.

World AIDS Day Prayer: the World AIDS Day Prayer was first conceived by PACANet-USA and published in the Grace & Glory Magazine in November 2010 as World AIDS Day is always December 1. It was the goal that thousands would be praying to God on this day for mercy on those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. God has moved in a mighty way and PACANet-USA has revised the World AIDS Day Prayer to thank Him for His wondrous work across the planet. PACANET-USA hopes that thousands will see the prayer and pray the World AIDS Day Prayer.