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What We Do

Hosea 4: 6 "My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.  PACANET-USA wants to be sure that there is no lack of knowledge when it comes to HIV and AIDs prevention and treatment.  Several  of the Board members are health educator in this specific area and other s work at the Prince George's county Health Department with many years of Community outreach and doing sexually transmitted diseases prevention education

  • Produce Events

  • Attend local, regional, national and international conferences, workshops, seminars to exchange ideas and knowledge as it relates to HIV and AIDS prevention and care

  • Participate and Support Partnership events (CCIH, World Relief, World Vision, USAID, World Bank)

  • Be a vender at forums, conferences, workshops, symposia

  • Promote PACANet and PACANet-USA at events, venues, churches

  •  Network with Churches and Christian Organizations who support Africa

  • Training African Diaspora Clergy on HIV and AIDS prevention as to better

           equip them to deal with their congregation on issues related to HIV and AIDS.

  • Collaborate with World Bank in reaching the goal of zero new infections,             (Clergy training in PG County)

           zero discrimination and zero AIDS related deaths in the world.

  • Collaborate with African Ambassadors in the US to gain support for their respective country on the issue of HIV and AIDS and other co-morbidities.